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I’m a communication coach, facilitator and trainer. All those skills are needed to find balance between competing and collaborating, to work in and through conflict, to deliver an outcome.

  • Find the common values and vision; what’s the goal.
  • Remember the basics for communicating and relating with others.
  • Understand what’s going on and why.
  • Explore, experiment, challenge, create.
  • Manage accountabilities and have them sorted.
  • Get a handle on how to address disagreement more easily.

If you are willing, it can be better.

I have a PhD in Rural Sociology, a Masters in Peace & Conflict Resolution, a Diploma in Professional Coaching and have been a nationally accredited mediator.  I coach, facilitate and teach. I work with your team for better communication on day to day problem-solving and so much more - to have your team bring their best for each other and the job.

I have a particular focus on the communication within teams: working where people find other people hard work.

What is really hurting our productivity?
What is difficult and unsayable?
Where is there disagreement, professional conflict and unhelpful contest?
How can we find more control over goals, boundaries and needs; some accountability; some problem-solving?
How do we manage conflict without escalating to war?

 I work with those who want the best from their team's productivity & results.
I work with those who are willing to do things differently.
I work with those ready to believe in their people, to let go a little, to let a new thing happen.

What is really happening and what do the people in this situation really need and know to get this done. What's actually happening to get in the way of delivering on the business objectives and how can we shift, experiment and problem solve - because that is why we are here.

Yes, I do facilitate contentious dialogue, hard conversations and get to problem solving. I mediate through difficult and emotionally charged issues and ask what we do want. Where people are willing, I teach, mentor, coach to build awareness and know-how, for more personal choice and control. But more than that, I work to deliver a team strategy, a plan and explore new ways forward, to build better working relationships and set up a solid foundation for the next good thing.

If something is to change, you must be willing to change something.

Can you we be curious? What if there was a better way of working?

Let's talk about that.


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