Move from conflict to collaboration.

There are ways of communicating that encourage people to listen to each other, to understand issues and work together.

This is easy when we have good relationships. It’s much harder when there are hitches and hurdles between people, that are hard to deal with.

Collaborative communication helps people feel that we are all on the same page.

We can feel respected, even in difference.

The opposite of collaborative communication is communication that escalates conflict.

Habits, triggers, patterns and styles of speaking and presenting ourselves can leave others feeling unsafe, uncertain and inclined to react, to attack or defend themselves.

People who use unhelpful communication styles find life harder than it has to be.  Teams don’t function, are fractured, unpleasant and less productive than their potential.

This doesn’t have to be the way things are.

Better communication practices can be learned and used to foster true listening, genuine dialogue, connection with others, participative problem-solving, collaborative communication.

Built on all of that – they are creative, better at decision-making and taking initiative.

My role is to coach, facilitate and train you and your teams in how to more easily solve problems, build community and find enjoyment in the workplace.  And in life.


Finding a way for individuals and teams to understand and work through communication problems. Having a personal sounding board to explore issues, when you can’t find a way by yourself.
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Laser Coaching

Short mini-coaching sessions to address one issue that is causing you heart ache. Drop-in to find a way forward.
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When things go easily – no need for professional facilitation.  But when things are more complicated, there’s more at stake, there’s competing voices, when it matters; that’s when you need a good facilitator. Supporting the participation of all voices in workshops and community meetings, to manage contested issues, to hold space for strong communication with respect and result.
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Teaching & Training

Learn about levels of communication, how to prevent and manage conflict, be connected and heard.  In-person or online training and skills development to work on personal options for tricky situations. Workbooks, information and practice.
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Paradigm Shift

Are you ready to really create new solutions – ones that go to unexpected places, deal with hidden blockages and bring to light possibilities for doing things differently. Could we address conflict and competing, misalignment and process disconnect? Could we build bridges between groups and move away from one-size-fits-all answers that suit the system and not the people? Are you willing to let go some preconditions, allow in new voices and be curious about what could be opportunities. Get ready to test norms and step into the adventure of new ways to solve and create.
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