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Learn effective strategies that:

  • Increase performance within the team
  • Help you handle difficult months & quarters
  • Build trust and respect across your orgnisation
  • Assist in managing hard conversations about performance.

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Saleena Ham

Performance & Productivity Coach

  • Increase Team Productivity even in high-stress environments
  • Enhance Staff Morale to change the ‘mood’ of the workplace
  • Boost Sales with less tension and more trust
  • Improve Employer-Employee Relations and retain better staff

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“Saleena has helpful knowledge on how to approach difficult matters with people who are upset and angry. And it works.”
Andrew Owen – Cadastral Surveyor, Saunders Havill Group

“Saleena is a clear-minded, real and inspiring professional leader. She applies knowledge and practice to shifting the core values and practices of people working together in complex spaces. This work is powerful and wise.”
Nicola Wright – Principal, Adapt Strategic Communications

“Saleena facilitated a workshop with participants ranging from field staff to management. The open forum touched on sensitive topics and Saleena navigated the dialogue to avoid tension whilst bringing out underlying issues for consideration. Her ability to keep to schedule, work with participants, and achieve the days objective impressed me. The outcomes of the day are a result of Saleena’s abilities.”
Thomas Sheppard – Senior Environmental Adviser


How Do We Boost Team Performance?

Saleena follows a 5-step process for removing conflict and maximising results:

Step 1. What You Want

This is the discovery phase where we discuss your current problems and challenges.
We also map out what tangible results you want that would give maximum benefit.
We quantify the intangible outcomes as these can often be critical to influencing change.
We look at past performance and how this has impacted the working environment, current position and future expecations of the team leader/manager.
We talk about what has been happening and what that has meant for the goals and expectations of the team leader/manager.

Step 2. What Happens on the Ground

Saleena then holds short confidential interviews with members of the team about the whole team performance.
These 1-on-1 meetings allow us to understand things from their perspective and relate these back to the overall organisational goals.
Saleena coaches as issues arise e.g. skills for raising sensitive issues, managing disputes, reframing problems.
We identify blockages and also tease out where they see opportunities for improvement.
If there are issues around a lack of clarity, miscommunication and skills gaps that come to light then, with permission, we work on this with the team leader.

Step 3. Exploring Issues

Saleena brings everyone together as a team to workshop a path to better team results.
We start with the purpose of the team’s existence, the context, the objectives and move on to what could help us to boost results.
We may bring in representatives/stakeholders from other areas that interact with the team for a short guest appearance – an exploratory discussion on what they need from the team.
We then develop some insights, tease out sticky issues and choose forward actions. We work on key issues that the group identifies as high priorities.
People leave with things to do, things to try, solve problems, we determine where to make some small shifts. We set measurable goals.
We decide a date for follow-up. People are held accountable.

Step 4. Skill & Support to Shift

Change is easier to plan at a workshop but doesn’t always happen when back on the job.
Saleena’s procees includes equipping all participants with practical tools that help shifting behaviours as/if required.
She coaches via 1-on-1 meetings for maximum privacy and sensitivity.
By translating theory in to practice we develop momentum towards desired change.

Step 5. Push Forward

The last step is a follow up half day workshop where we bring everything together and push forward. We assess how things have worked, not worked, not worked as expected. We assess progress.
The plan is re-tweaked as we learn what is helpful and what is not.
We take these new skills and strategies and show how they can now be used on a daily basis to reduce conflict and boost productivty.

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