About Saleena

Saleena_about_03Need to deliver on a project?
A problem that needs new thinking?
Need your team to work?

Let’s make a good thing happen. 

I work with people to find ways to shift when they’re stuck. When you need a new way of collaborating, when you’re caught with un-discussable issues, conflict and unhelpful competing; when there is a stake in finding effective solutions – let’s reframe and find a good way forward.

I have worked with technical, accounting and engineering experts. I have worked with resource managers, developers, policy makers, landholders.  I have worked with urban, regional and remote communities.  I have worked with those who have a lot of power, and those who feel they have none.  With those who have the loudest voices and those who say little, and think.

Projects socially and politically complex, with many interests.
Projects with local, State and Federal government, big corporates.
Projects with community groups, rural sectors, not-for-profits.

And what I really love to do, is work with them in the difficult, stuck, complex, contested problems – as long as there really is commitment to getting something fixed.  A willingness to be open to new ideas, to give permission to challenge, to talk truth respectfully.

If the people are disengaged and split, let’s talk.
If you are putting off dealing with the problem, let’s talk.

My unique skill is bringing people together to solve problems.

I’m a facilitator, coach, problem-solver and trainer. All those skills are needed when we have to work together and deliver.

  • Find the common values and vision; what’s the goal.
  • Remember the basics for communicating and relating with others.
  • Understand what’s going on and why.
  • Explore, experiment, challenge, create.
  • Manage accountabilities and have them sorted.
  • Get a handle on how to address disagreement more easily.

I facilitate, coach and teach to build the capacity of your crew.  We work on the real business – what is going on, what can be done better.  We strategise.  We problem-solve. We explore and experiment.  We learn. We deliver.  I work with your team on the business of the business, to get better at working together and delivering under pressure.

If you are willing, it can be better.  We can work things through; we can work it out.

Call me for a chat to see if your team can lift to a new level.

I have been working in the field to solve problems through people bringing their best for a couple of decades in one way and another. I have interest in how we can be our Best Selves in solving problems, finding unique, fresh solutions and working through difficulty to get to a good thing.

My background is very diverse and that’s given me experience and insight. Your team does have the answers – they do know what will work.  But a lot can get in the way of reaching that place and it’s not always easy or obvious when you are a part of the cloudy unclear picture.

My experience has been in the public and private sectors.

I went from working as a professional advocate for rural industry with the Queensland Farmers’ Federation to a role as the Director of Strategic Communication & Marketing for a Government Department. I thought I knew how the public sector worked but I found that I had to revise a lot of that.

Next was a stint working in-house for Powerlink, working with their people developing client relationship strategies with landholders, field workers, engineers, linesmen.  They built power lines and they needed easements for powerlines.  I applied principles of outrage management, and shared skills in how to work with angry people.

Then I began my consulting business in 2001 and I started working full-time in stakeholder and community liaison, in conflict management, engagement and collaboration projects of all types.

Diverse work, diverse clients, diverse situations.  I’ve managed angry public meetings, thoughtful corporate dialogue, problem-solving sessions, community think tanks, mediations between individuals, conflict resolution processes for groups and strategies for community relationship building.

I have a special focus on building the personal communication skills of individuals and teams: for people who find other people hard work.  People who don’t want so much stress from difficult conversations.  People who want more control over their boundaries and needs.  People who want to manage conflict.  People who want productivity, teams that work, solid relationships with stakeholders internal and external. Strategies that deliver.

I facilitate contentious dialogue and problem solving. I help your good people work through difficult and emotionally charged issues.  Where people are willing, I teach and mentor and coach for improved communication awareness, skill and know-how.  We talk the hard talk – we manage risk, we prevent problems and we solve them too.

If something is to change, together, we have to change something.

If it really could be better, what would you do?



PS: Did I mention that  I have a Masters in Peace & Conflict Resolution and am an accredited mediator (Australian National Mediator Standards).

But my primary qualification is my experience actually doing the work.