So, you don’t agree with the Boss? The more at ease you are in relationship, the easier it is to raise issues.   When there is a buffer of goodwill, security in the situation, positive history. But that’s not… Read More

Yes, true listening is a powerful tool for influencing and communicating in difficult situations. We all listen a lot of the time, we think.  But is it true listening? Are you really listening to me?  With a little… Read More

We all enjoy being connected with Others, being recognised for who we are and being part of community.  This is the power of relationship. At heart of it all we are still programmed by some primitive drivers to… Read More

Do you know how to deal with an angry person? Do you know how to cope when Someone starts yelling or expressing serious unhappiness with you as their focus? It is not nice. It makes us feel unsafe… Read More

Once a person has declared a public position on an issue, once they have announced that they are taking a position – it is very difficult to change their mind. This is an important, if not critical principle… Read More

If you want to have control over something, you need to name it. Naming effectively empowers the namer.  It is an important principle in facilitating.  It is an important principle in protest. It is an important principle in self-awareness…. Read More

The Nature of Power

What is personal power? It is the capacity to creatively direct your life, to choose goals and make choices, to be in charge of your destiny and achieve outcomes.  It is self knowledge, self confidence, self mastery.  It… Read More

A Secret to Influence

Do you want to know the secret to making sales?  Build rapport and solve problems? Influence an outcome? The secret is to ask questions. Questions are research. They gather valuable information about a customer, their priorities, preferences, needs… Read More

Stories Define Us

If you’re having a bad day, be alert to the story you are telling yourself about what’s happening. All of us have a take on what’s going on for us. We explain, defend, justify and understand through the… Read More

Shake Hands

Humans have become really expert at loading a lot of meaning into symbols and rituals.  We use them every day to make sense and frame significance in our world.  They tap into our feelings, catch imagination and most… Read More