Hello!  Problems with your people?
I’m a facilitator, coach and problem solver.

And I’m here to help your team when they can’t agree, are stuck, and need to deliver a good thing.
Real talk about the real issues. What we do want. What’s really happening. New ideas.
Solving problems when people don’t agree.

Managing Conflict in Meetings

A couple of work colleagues do not get on and in every meeting it shows.  No one enjoys it and it isn’t particularly constructive.  Conflict in meetings is common. Knowing how to contribute to a tense meeting is… Read More

Hazards of Electronic Emotion

Ok – you open an email and someone is making critical observations or offensive accusations. They have copied in virtually every manager and practically all their staff. You are outraged and moved to respond immediately – strongly –… Read More

If you want to have control over something, you need to name it. Naming effectively empowers the namer.  It is an important principle in facilitating.  It is an important principle in protest. It is an important principle in self-awareness…. Read More

The Nature of Power

What is personal power? It is the capacity to creatively direct your life, to choose goals and make choices, to be in charge of your destiny and achieve outcomes.  It is self knowledge, self confidence, self mastery.  It… Read More

A Secret to Influence

Do you want to know the secret to making sales?  Build rapport and solve problems? Influence an outcome? The secret is to ask questions. Questions are research. They gather valuable information about a customer, their priorities, preferences, needs… Read More

Hear me…please

The most important gift you can give another person is your whole attention. Active listening has a number of components but the most important is to Be Present.  It requires commitment and practice. When you are really giving… Read More

Stories Define Us

If you’re having a bad day, be alert to the story you are telling yourself about what’s happening. All of us have a take on what’s going on for us. We explain, defend, justify and understand through the… Read More

Shake Hands

Humans have become really expert at loading a lot of meaning into symbols and rituals.  We use them every day to make sense and frame significance in our world.  They tap into our feelings, catch imagination and most… Read More

Quick Communication Plan

Need to assess communication risks? A communication plan in a hurry? If you have responsibility for any project, of any type whatsoever, there will be benefit from a communication risk assessment. Seriously important projects need serious communication plans… Read More