5 Essentials To Get Along With Coworkers

Getting along with colleagues – it’s the source of a lot of misery and a lot of magic when you have the essentials for good relationships.  Why can it be so tricky?  Here are 5 essentials to get… Read More

Why Am I So Angry?

Conflict happens. It happens every day for every one but it doesn’t always become a problem. We have ways of managing it. The problems with conflict happen when we don’t manage it. The pain comes when “we” avoid… Read More

Whose Story Are You Hearing?

Stories have always been important to humans.  They help us to identify our Self, define ourselves, understand and interpret where we are, who we are.  We use Story to make sense of feelings, events, circumstances and the possibilities… Read More

Dealing with An Angry Person

Do you know how to deal with an angry person? Do you know how to cope when Someone starts yelling or expressing serious unhappiness with you as their focus? It is not nice. It makes us feel unsafe… Read More

Managing Conflict in Meetings

A couple of work colleagues do not get on and in every meeting it shows.  No one enjoys it and it isn’t particularly constructive.  Conflict in meetings is common. Knowing how to contribute to a tense meeting is… Read More

Hazards of Electronic Emotion

Ok – you open an email and someone is making critical observations or offensive accusations. They have copied in virtually every manager and practically all their staff. You are outraged and moved to respond immediately – strongly –… Read More

Hear me…please

The most important gift you can give another person is your whole attention. Active listening has a number of components but the most important is to Be Present.  It requires commitment and practice. When you are really giving… Read More

Shake Hands

Humans have become really expert at loading a lot of meaning into symbols and rituals.  We use them every day to make sense and frame significance in our world.  They tap into our feelings, catch imagination and most… Read More