Laser Coaching

Fast Insight

When you have one pressing issue that is on your mind and you’re stuck on it.  It’s worrying you.

A laser coaching session is a brief coaching 15-20 minutes to address one problem and get a direction on it.

Personal Coaching

These are top-up or quick-insight sessions that help get a new look on a problem and some first steps.

Ready to Go?
Find a way to make a difference with that problem.

Workplace Coaching

I conduct laser coaching in pop-up or open-door coaching sessions on-site. I need a regular time slot and a private office or space to meet.  People drop in with or without an appointment to have a confidential chat about a communication problem.

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What's Included

  • A to-the-point coaching conversation.
  • A summary email follow-up.
  • For Individuals – on the phone or online.
  • For Corporate Teams – a half-day open door for drop-in coaching.

What my clients say

Saleena you are a reservoir of wisdom. I have already noticed a shift. Although I did have a little meltdown in the afternoon now I know what it was about and can do something about it. I think you are a true master of the heart and mind.

Silvana Nagl

Saleena is a clear minded, real and inspiring professional leader.  She applies knowledge and practice to shifting the core values and practices of people working together in complex spaces. This work is powerful and wise.

Nicola WrightPrincipalAdapt Strategic Communications

Saleena has helpful knowledge on how to approach difficult matters with people who are upset and angry. And it works.

Andrew OwenCadastral SurveyorSaunders Havill Group