Paradigm Shift

Create the future

When you don’t want to be a bystander.
When you want to do things differently, better. Together. As a community, a team, a company.
When you actually want to unstick difficult issues and you have the courage and curiosity to do so.
When you want to be real in how the people relate, how the system is connected, what needs to be done – then you might be ready for paradigm shift.

This is for powerful change.

And it’s not for everyone.

Paradigm shift will not work if you embrace the talk and not the walk.  It will be impossible if there is not willingness to look at what is really happening and why.  It cannot deliver if there is no commitment to this taking some time to lift to a new level of skill and realisation, understandings and trust.

Paradigm shift requires progressive leaders.  Willing to experiment and not know where it may lead.

This is for those willing to go into the work of finding new ways to do business. This is for communities, groups and companies who want to undertake projects or make something happen or become a new thing.

This is for those who know they need a skilled Outsider to keep the process on track, to keep the space safe for truth telling and to make us accountable for implementation and ongoing learning.

I walk with you in that.  I lead the process. We work on conflicts.  We raise the un-discussable. We build trust and seek to understand what are the true blocks to solutions.  We aim for new thinking.

I teach and coach for skill and insight, for personal communication awareness, give support and build ability.  I facilitate new ways of thinking about what is desired, for whom and why.  I engage and challenge and we laugh; a lot.

I am here for relationship building and creative problem solving.

If you’re up for that, let’s talk about what it might mean in your unique situation, with your particular needs.  This is a longer term arrangement.

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What Could Be Included

  • Conversations to understand motivation and goals
  • Conversations to understand governance options
  • Shadowing key staff for understanding of the business
  • Interviews for understanding of key issues/community
  • Communication and engagement strategy
  • Skills development for communication under pressure
  • Coaching for individual breakthroughs
  • Conflict resolution support
  • Workshops to learn and plan – more than one
  • Accountability tracking progress
  • Unlimited email support
  • Packages designed to meet the unique situation

Learn More

Saleena you are a reservoir of wisdom. I have already noticed a shift. Although I did have a little meltdown in the afternoon now I know what it was about and can do something about it. I think you are a true master of the heart and mind.

Silvana Nagl

Saleena is a clear minded, real and inspiring professional leader.  She applies knowledge and practice to shifting the core values and practices of people working together in complex spaces. This work is powerful and wise.

Nicola WrightPrincipalAdapt Strategic Communications

Saleena has helpful knowledge on how to approach difficult matters with people who are upset and angry. And it works.

Andrew OwenCadastral SurveyorSaunders Havill Group