Communication is never a problem when there isn’t a problem.

But when there’s a problem, it needs particular and special attention.

Whether you want to connect with someone, manage conflict or collaborate on difficult issues, the one thing that will change your life and this situation – is better communication.

You are the most influential person in your world.  

If something’s going to change, you have to change Something. 

Learn how to take more control of the situation. Find the tools to start and manage those conversations that matter.   Develop more personal power to manage pressured or sensitive situations and still feel ok.  Get the most from your people and the relationships that count.

Workshops are full day events for small groups where learning and practice are integrated.  You can do just one workshop, or the series if you want to really adopt and integrate what you learn into your everyday communication awareness.

Ready to Go?

~ Northside Meetings, Red Hill, Brisbane
 – 20 January, 2017 ~

What we will cover:

  • Learn what is going on when we disagree – it’s probably not what you think.
  • Learn about the red flags, the triggers – this is the clue for choice.
  • Learn strategies for tackling disagreement – make space for a new thing.
  • Learn to work out what you really need and want – and not what you don’t want.
  • Practice to develop confidence and insight – have some fun.

Bring an issue you want to work on.

Disagreements are normal…they happen every day.  And they are only a problem when we can’t work through them.  When we become entrenched in our positions and things escalate.  It gets messy.  It hurts.  It makes it hard to get things done.  It robs life of enjoyment.  It creates avoidance and fear.  It depletes productivity and steals away the great things that can result when we can work through things.

Relationships are an art.  In the mix are three entities: I, You and We.

What do I want, what do you want, what do we want?

What’s a problem for me, what’s a problem for you, what’s a problem for us?

There are no guarantees, but the most controllable factor in the mix is Me.  If I understand what is happening for my Self – it gives clues as to what is happening for You and Us.  And a change, can really be a change.

When you know how to manage disagreements and have the confidence to try a new thing, it can apply at work, at home and in community.

Because there are relationship disagreements all over the place – you know it.  Mostly we step through them and get on – but what if we could do that better.  What if we could use disagreement as a pathway to something good.

Disagreements are an opportunity to solve problems, to build a better thing, to have a creative outcome, to learn a new thing, to shine a light on what we really want, to build a very good relationship.

Invest half a day and learn skills and insights that give you choice and a new way of interacting on disagreement.

Delicious Letter Lounge morning tea included.  And a Workbook to take away.
Get Your Tickets now.
$110/per person Early Bird till 20 December then $135

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What my clients say

Saleena you are a reservoir of wisdom. I have already noticed a shift. Although I did have a little meltdown in the afternoon now I know what it was about and can do something about it. I think you are a true master of the heart and mind.

Silvana Nagl

Saleena is a clear minded, real and inspiring professional leader.  She applies knowledge and practice to shifting the core values and practices of people working together in complex spaces. This work is powerful and wise.

Nicola WrightPrincipalAdapt Strategic Communications

Saleena has helpful knowledge on how to approach difficult matters with people who are upset and angry. And it works.

Andrew OwenCadastral SurveyorSaunders Havill Group