The way we do conflict and where we set boundaries is a reflection of our family or corporate or community culture. The two go together. Conflict happens. Where-ever there are humans, two or more. It’s no news. It… Read More

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Before you are a great leader, you are a great human being.  That means you have no fear of compassion.  You have no fear that empathy will put you at risk of losing your power. Many people, many… Read More

Boundaries.  We all need them. We need them to keep safe.  To protect ourselves. To look after values and standards. To be clear about accountabilities. To uphold the interests of our family and the community. But holding the… Read More

The secrets for connection, for resolving conflict, for empowering your self and Others are found in attentive, open minded, open hearted listening.  If you start to listen well, you will change your life and the lives of others…. Read More

Conflict happens. It happens every day for every one but it doesn’t always become a problem. We have ways of managing it. The problems with conflict happen when we don’t manage it. The pain comes when “we” avoid… Read More

There are times when it is quite appropriate to stop listening.  When the Other is out of control and launching into all out verbal abuse, listening needs to stop.  You need ways to manage verbal abuse.  It is… Read More

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