Silvana Nagl

Saleena you are a reservoir of wisdom. I have already noticed a shift. Although I did have a little meltdown in the afternoon now I know what it was about and can do something about it. I think… Read More

Nicola Wright

Saleena is a clear minded, real and inspiring professional leader.  She applies knowledge and practice to shifting the core values and practices of people working together in complex spaces. This work is powerful and wise.

Andrew Owen

Saleena has helpful knowledge on how to approach difficult matters with people who are upset and angry. And it works.

Diane Nona

Utopia, NT is a remote community that can be hard work. Throughout the time I worked with Saleena I found her to be extremely patient, strategic and professional, was never judgmental and always remained impartial in situations that… Read More

Wendy Richardson

Thank you. I did change what I was saying in that difficult situation and the world turned on its axis. It’s been marvellous ever since. Unbelievable change.

Scott Smith

I engaged Saleena to facilitate meetings consulting with communities that were to be directly impacted by significant infrastructure proposals. The meetings had the potential to be highly fractious, a matter recognised by the local police who independently chose… Read More

Melissa Nugent

Saleena was thoughtful in framing an agenda that was clear and flexible to adjust to the group direction and dynamic on the day. Through her adept facilitation we got issues on the table and from that, move a… Read More